Lay-by Info

Danoah 6 week Lay-By



Your lay-by is make up of a 20% deposit + 6 equal payments of the remainder of your lay-by. This is set up on the Danoah website for you to access whenever you like. You do not have to make weekly payments, just as long as all 6 payments are made before the 6 week period is up. For example you could make 3 payments in one day if you like.

Example of how your lay-by is set up.


Eg/ Your total lay-by comes to $200



20% Deposit


Payment 1


Payment 2


Payment 3


Payment 4


Payment 5


Payment 6



  1. Payments can be made at anytime during the 6 week period and can be finalised at anytime before the 6 week period is up.
  2. 6 week period starts from the date the deposit is purchased
  3. 20% deposit is non-refundable if lay-by is cancelled or lay-by is not finalised by the 6 week period
  4. Orders as shipped 3-5 working days after final payment is made
  5. Lay-by is set up on the Danoah website
  6. Payment options are credit card or PayPal (No Afterpay)

Want to set up a lay-by? Just contact us at Just let us know the products you are wanting and your address for postage rates. We can then set up your lay-by on the website straight away!! Too easy